How to shop on Dig AMZ?

It's very easy to shop on Dig AMZ. Here is a tutorial on each step to place order.

Step 1:

Choose the product you like.

Step 2:

Choose specific variant click "Add to cart" or "Buy it now"

a. If you click "Add to cart" and you can see the product is on up right, and you can go to see other products and add more.


b. If you click "Buy It Now", it will jump to checkout page, please see step 3.

Step 3:

Checkout page.

The left part is account and address information and the right part is your shopping list.

We support Guest order, so if you don't have DigAMZ account, simply input email address or phone number, and the address, then you can click "continue to shipping" for the next step.

If you are a return customer and have a Dig AMZ account, please login firstly and your shipping address will be filled automatically.

And if you have paypal account, you can login paypal account and finish payment directly. You will choose shipping address on paypal.

Step 4:

Finish payment


We accept Credit Cards, Paypal and bank deposit. If you choose bank deposit, please contact us by submitting a help ticket to get the bank info.

Step 5:

Order confirm:


You will get order confirm message on the page, also you will get an email.

Step 6:

Email confirmation


You can view your order from the email, also you can track status by clicking "View your order" button.

But because this is a guest order, to manage your order easily, you need to activate your account. Please go to the next step.

Step 7:

Activate your account:

Click the activate link you will jump to the register page, or you can simply register on store page directly.


Enter the email you just used for order, and you will get message that an activation email has been sent to you.


Click the button "Activate your account" and input your password, then all the process is done.

Step 8:

Login your account to view the order history or edit the shipping address.

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